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We feel very lucky to share Collazymes with a wide range of people. Collazymes is an exceptional product that has changed the lives of thousands of people since it was created in 2000.

Here’s what Collazymes users are saying and remember that it doesn’t mean that you’ll obtain the same results because each person is different and can experience different benefits.

Fibromyalgia, bones, pain relief, energy gain, better sleep

I’ve been ordering Collazymes for a long time now. I am 75 years old and I am very satisfied. If I stop taking Collazymes, my aches and pains returns. I take it primarily for my fibromyalgia. I talk about Collazymes to my friends and even to my doctor. They all want to know what I’m doing to look 10 years younger and be full of joy all the time.

Yvonne Allegre, France

Better Sleep, less pain

I often woke up 3-4 times a night and tossed and turned. I had to roll out of bed in the morning. Now I sleep well and I can stretch and I get up comfortably without pain. I truly feel better and better.

Claudette Preville, Canada


I have fibromyalgia and back pain. I have ordered products from everyplace and I can testify that yours is the first that has helped me as much. I am ordering 24 bottles for me and my friends.

Sylvie S., Switzerland

Knee pain & cartilage

I am your devoted customer. Your product is the first that helps me walk without much pain even with my knee which barely has any cartilage. Two other people in my family also take Collazymes and are very satisfied.

Jean Pasteur, France

More energy

I am a restaurant owner and I work 12 to 16 hrs per day. Every afternoon I had to take a nap. Since I’ve been using your product, I am full of energy and don’ have to nap anymore. Thank you

Marcello, Canada

General Practitioner (GP)

My GP recommended your product which she has personally tested and tells me only good. I am buying 3 bottles now.

Brigitte M., France

Health & satisfaction

I ordered and used Collazymes for 3 months. The results for my health have been excellent.

Jean Marie, France


I have spondylitis. I had trouble walking. I searched online and found Collazymes. I couldn’t take medication anymore cause I would swell up. Now that I found Collazymes, I feel much better and I can walk. I have just ordered 4 bottles again.

S. Haubourdin, France

Chronic polyarthritis

I am taking the time to let you know that the results from the use of 2 bottles have been incredible. For the last 40 years I have been suffering from chronic polyarthritis. Even if with time with get use to the disease, it is such a relief to live without pain again. THANK YOU!

Marie Claude L., France

Osteoarthritis pain

I have been using Collazymes for 2 months now and my osteoarthritis pain has greatly diminished. I use to suffer greatly from pain in my left knee and now I only feel a bit of numbness and I have been able to start talking small walks in my neighbourhood. I want you to publish my testimonials, because I recommend Collazymes and I am very satisfied.

Valerie, Canada

Bursitis, better sleep

I am very happy with Collazymes. I developed bursitis in my legs. I am 76 and I feel in shape, I digest much better and I sleep well.

Jeanne B., Luxemburg


My doctor has told me good about your product. My wife is also going to take it. I am so happy to receive my package of 6 Collazymes. Best regards.

Jean-Louis M., France

Hip pain relief

Collazymes is amazing. I didn’t have to go through surgery. I had intense hip pain. In just a few days I got very good results. I was lucky to find your website.

Nicole M., Canada

Pain relief & fibromyalgia

In December 2011 when I tried Collazymes, I felt some joint pain relief. I then researched my pains and through reading your newsletters I recognized I may have fibromyalgia. I have just turned 47 and I weigh 105 kg. 3 years ago, I started feeling pain in my shoulders, my elbows and then my knees, my back, my wrists and feet. Since I’ve started taking Collazymes, 60% of my pain has disappeared. I am very satisfied because it allows me to be more active, do a little gardening, go fishing with a few friends, go boating and travel… have a normal life! I will continue taking Collazymes to help reduce my pain as much as possible and hope to be cured. I thank you in advance. I still have 2 bottles, but I will order in one month. Regards.

Fabrice L., France

Pain relief

I am 70 years old and I appreciate Collazymes very much. It helps me have less pain. I really believe in Collazymes because when I stop taking it, I see a big difference. Thank you for this natural product that makes me feel better.

Raymond V., Canada

Pain relief, better skin and restful sleep

Thanks for allowing me to say what I think of your product that I’ve been using, as well as a few close friends, for 3 months now. According to us, your claims hold true: better skin, eased pain and better sleep…

Jean Claude B., Belgium

Better joints, more energy and better sleep

Hi, after using Collazymes I felt an increase in energy and an improvement in my joints. My fibromyalgia symptoms have also improved and I sleep better. Best regards.

Annie de M., France

Fibromyalgia, bones, pain relief, energy gain, better sleep

I’ve been taking Collazymes since its beginning. I am now 73 years old and after taking it for a little while, it saved me from my fibromyalgia. For many years the medical community doubted my painful aches and pains. No one could find a solution and I was told it was all in my head. My doctor was very surprised by the results I got with Collazymes. Even my bones are healthy (no signs of osteoporosis) I feel relieved, have more energy and I am sleeping well.

Mariette Guindon, Canada

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