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The collagen in Collazymes is supported by 30 years of clinical research, in several well designed studies, on almost 3000 patients. More than 25% of the population suffers from joint problems. The following clinical results show important and promising beneficial effects for joint and body health.

Results – Oesser S. & al. (2007)

After 3 months of taking the active ingredient in Collazymes at a dose of 10 grams per day, a significant change in formerly degraded cartilage is visible. The cartilage appears supple, smooth and full in appearance.

Collagen hydrolysate passes the intestinal barrier and accumulates in knee joint cartilage. Consumption stimulates joint cells and helps renew cartilage production. Patients experience improved mobility, reduction in pain and increase their quality of life.

Results – International Society of Osteoarthritis Research (2009)

Together with Harvard University, a study on the impact of the active ingredient in Collazymes demonstrated impressive results. For the first time, the regenerative process on human cartilage cells was demonstrated on MRI and presented at the 2009 OARSI in Montreal.

Patients treated with a placebo for a period of 48 weeks experienced a progression of cartilage decrease and suffered worsening conditions. Alternatively, the bottom row of images, shows knee cartilage from patients receiving the benefits of collagen hydrolysate. There are fewer red spots which show a clear improvement in knee joint health, the stimulation of cartilage growth and an increase in cartilage regeneration.

Results – Rippe JM & al. (2004), Moskowitz (2000), Adam M (1991)

In several well-designed studies, with the daily consumption of 10 grams of the active ingredient in Collazymes for a period of 2 to 3 months, patients consistently experienced increased joint mobility, reduced pain and the reduced need for analgesics.

The reduction in pain includes symptoms felt upon rising or when action is taken, stiffness, pain during the night, sensitivity to climate or temperature change, fatigue, mechanical stress, pain when pressure is applied to the joint and pain during movement.

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